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The great collaboration of authentic green tea, which is singled out of the made-in-Japan original brand and food carefully selected. We will make and change our menu range for seasons so that fans of matcha (Japanese green tea) can always be excited to try them. Please enjoy our matcha ranging from the traditional flavour to modern style.
Strong Matcha Latte
Our based manufacturer is in Shizuoka, Japan, attending the tea auctions 4 times a year to get the best quality tea.
Matcha - MATCHA-YA
Our original select blend of 100% pure Japanese matcha is smooth, creamy and full of antioxidants!
Sakura matcha latte
A Naturally beautiful aroma and green colouring giving you the experience of the Japanese traditional tea ceremony.
Yuzu matcha latte

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Matcha Latte
Matcha Latte
Fresh Juice w/ Matcha
Matcha-ya Parfait
Matcha-ya Sandae